• Dingle and The Sea

    "Dingle and The Sea" - At the most westerly point of mainland Ireland, the Coumeenoole townlands of the spectacular Dingle Peninsula overlook the North Atlantic Ocean.

  • Rocky Mountain Storm

    "Rocky Mountain Storm" ~ Ominous storm clouds drift over the majestic Rocky Mountain National Park

  • Trader Legend Totem

    Currently standing in Alaska's Sitka National Historic Park, the Trader Legend Totem is a replica of a totem that originally stood in the Kaigani Haida village of Sukkwan near an old foot bridge across the Indian River. This replica was carved by local Native carvers during the 1938-1942 Civilian Conservation Corps project. At the top of this pole is a figure representing a white man with curly hair and a beard, perhaps representing a fur trader who cheated the Haida people. The next figure down is holding a shrimp in its mouth, a symbol said to represent a thief. Another symbol of thievery is the crab - the fourth figure from the top in an upside down position.

  • Logan Valley

    Along the Logan shore of Yakutat Bay in Alaska, a lowland valley forms between the steep slopes of Mount Hendrickson and Rasmusson Mountain.

  • Hubbard Four Hundred

    Located near Yakutat, Alaska, the Hubbard Glacier regularly calves 400-year old ice from its 400-feet tall face.


PhotoRaconteur: one who shares stories through the visual composition of photographs, each worth a unique set of one thousand words.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Las Vegas-based photographer Benjamin Padgett captures classic & modern architecture, majestic landscapes and beautiful cityscapes, along with other inspiring visuals found from Hawaii to Ireland and beyond.
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