• Multnomah Falls

    The tallest waterfall in Oregon is formed as Multnomah Creek drops 620 feet in two stages within the Columbia River Gorge. The Benson Footbridge spanning the lower falls was built in 1915.

  • Calico Hills Waterfall

    A small waterfall formed in the Calico Hills of Red Rock Cayon after a week of rain showers.

  • Hubbard Four Hundred

    Located near Yakutat, Alaska, the Hubbard Glacier regularly calves 400-year old ice from its 400-feet tall face.

  • Yosemite Falls Treescape

    View in Yosemite National Park of Yosemite Falls from the trail to the Lower Yosemite Fall. Yosemite Falls is 2425' tall and is fed mainly by melting snow.


PhotoRaconteur: one who shares stories through the visual composition of photographs, each worth a unique set of one thousand words.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Las Vegas-based photographer Benjamin Padgett captures classic & modern architecture, majestic landscapes and beautiful cityscapes, along with other inspiring visuals found from Hawaii to Ireland and beyond.
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