• Glacial Canyon Myriad

    Immeasurable shades and layers of blue in this weathered canyon of ice, though just a tiny vignette of the Sólheimajökull glacier in South Iceland.

  • Reyniskirkja

    This tiny historic church in South Iceland actively served area residents until 1932. That's when the famous hilltop church in Vík í Mýrdalur was completed. Among those laid to rest in the churchyard is Sveins Pálssonar, a renowned doctor and revolutionary glacier scientist who passed away in 1840.

  • Black & Blue

    Countless layers and textures of Sólheimajökull's blue ice are embellished with black ash deposited from volcanic eruptions of Iceland's past.

  • Ocean Tumbled

    Scattered over Iceland's Reynisfjara are smooth black stones created by the relentless tumbling by waves of the North Atlantic Ocean.

  • Freezer Burn

    Infinite series of glacial peaks of the icy blue Sólheimajökull in South Iceland, dusted with age-old volcanic ash.

  • Land of Ice

    Surreal landscape made of solid ice, otherwise known as South Iceland's epic Sólheimajökull glacier.

  • Glacial Waves

    Icy slopes and ashy crests of an undulating river of ice in Iceland known as the Sólheimajökull glacier.

  • Frozen.

    Mountains upon mountains of solid ice at the Sólheimajökull glacier in South Iceland, embellished with volcanic ash.

  • Dyrhólaey Drama

    The afternoon sun drops behind the Dyrhólaey Lighthouse to create a dramatic sight in South Iceland.

  • Convergence

    White froth of the North Atlantic converges upon the carven black sand cove and basalt rocks at Reynisfjara near Vík í Mýrdalur in South Iceland.

  • Be The Wave That I Am

    Powerful waves of the North Atlantic crash forcefully upon basalt cliffs at Iceland's Dyrhólaey... then sink back into the ocean.

  • Birds of Early Light

    Sea birds dot the early morning sky over the volcanic black sands of Reynisfjara and the legendary Reynisdrangar trolls in Iceland.

  • Path to Parliament

    A weathered boardwalk traverses the historic location of Iceland's parliament (Alþingi) that was established around the year 930. Þingvellir. Or Thingvellir National Park, that is.

  • Dyrhólaey Tranquility

    Lighthouse in South Iceland stands at ease before darkness falls over the sea and its mariners.

  • In The Midst

    Stunning geology along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in Iceland's Þingvellir. Or Thingvellir National Park, that is. These environs are not only the birthplace of the country's parliament (Alþingi), but this is also where the tectonic plates of North America and Eurasia meet. Or rather where the two continents are separating – at a rate of about one inch per year.

  • Serene Sovereignty

    Dramatic yet serene landscape of Þingvellir. Or Thingvellir, that is. Visible faults and heaping ridges of continental plates alongside the Öxará River and Iceland's largest lake created a natural chamber for parliamentary assemblies and other significant ceremonies to take place over many centuries.

  • Black Beach Froth, Part One

    Tidal froth of the North Atlantic washes over the black beach of Reynisfjara in Iceland as the legendary Reynisdrangar trolls stand idle in the distance.

  • Clouds Over Mojave

    Low lying clouds drift through mountain peaks and float over the Joshua tree dotted Mojave Desert just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Black Beach Froth, Part Two

    Tidal froth of the North Atlantic washes over the black beach of Reynisfjara in Iceland as clouds roll over the distant Dyrhólaey.

  • Skógafoss

    The Skógá River drops amidst 200-foot cliffs that once formed Iceland's coastline. Skógafoss translates to "Forest Falls"

  • Break In The Clouds

    A break in the clouds reveals the coast of British Columbia's Howe Sound as viewed from a seaplane one summer morning.

  • Peeking Through

    A snowy peak reveals itself through a thick veil of clouds during a seaplane flight through the Southern Pacific Ranges of British Columbia's Coast Mountains.

  • From The Treetops

    Treetop perspective of a temperate rainforest in British Columbia, Canada

  • Wild Rovers

    Free range sheep grazing amongst the majestic scenery of Doo Lough Valley in County Mayo, Ireland. Sheep farmers use various colours and patterns of dye to designate ownership. © Benjamin Padgett,

  • Kia’palano Rainforest

    Rain-soaked ferns and mosses dominate the understory textures of a temperate rainforest in British Columbia, Canada

  • Rocky Mountain Storm

    "Rocky Mountain Storm" ~ Ominous storm clouds drift over the majestic Rocky Mountain National Park

  • Glencoe Sunrise

    The rising sun casts morning light upon the majestic mountainous landscape of the Scottish Highlands where the Allt Làirig Eilde (Hind Pass) stream drops into the River Coe. © Benjamin Padgett,

  • Castle Rock

    Looking up to the southeastern portion of Edinburgh Castle atop Castle Rock, including The Great Hall and Half-Moon Battery. The Scottish Crown Jewels and the Stone of Destiny are kept in the tower of the Royal Palace that's topped by the Union Jack flag. © Benjamin Padgett,

  • Glencoe Grandeur

    Hidden lakes below the misty peak of Stob Coire nan Lochan empty to form a ribbon of whitewater between Geàrr Aonach (Short Ridge) and Aonach Dubh (Black Ridge). The stream drops into the River Coe before entering Loch Achtriochtan (Three Sisters Lake), a wee bit of which appears in the distance. A pathway winds through this wondrous landscape of Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands. © Benjamin Padgett,

  • Angel's View of St. Giles Cathedral

    An angel sculpture stands watch at the magnificent St. Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in the 12th century, much of the cathedral's interior dates back to the late 1300s. © Benjamin Padgett,

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    PhotoRaconteur: one who shares stories through the visual composition of photographs, each worth a unique set of one thousand words.

    Born and raised in North Carolina, Las Vegas-based photographer Benjamin Padgett captures classic & modern architecture, majestic landscapes and beautiful cityscapes, along with other inspiring visuals found from Hawaii to Ireland and beyond.
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