• Pastel Fairyland

    Beyond Fairyland Creek, a virtual rainbow is formed by countless pastel homes built upon Bermuda's hilly terrain.

  • Church Bay Pastels

    Bermuda's crystal clear sea washes over the pink sands and weathered limestone of Church Bay.

  • Rocky Shore I

    Gentle waves splash upon the pink sands and jagged limestone formations along Bermuda's south shore at Church Bay.

  • Bermuda Sunshine

    A bright and sunny vignette of Bermuda's limestone coast at gorgeous Church Bay.

  • Church Bay Porthole

    A virtual porthole formed by limestone cliffs at Church Bay reveals a vignette of Bermuda's turquoise sea and pink sands.

  • Church Bay Stripes

    Panoramic stripes formed by the clear blue sky, the turquoise sea and the rocky limestone shore of Bermuda's Church Bay.

  • Rocky Shore II

    The limestone shore of Church Bay frames the pristine waters and pink sands of Bermuda's south shore. A Great Kiskadee rests near the left-center of the frame while a pair of Bermuda Longtail dot the blue sky.

  • Stonehole Bay

    A peek over the weathered limestone that surrounds Stonehole Bay reveals a glimpse of Bermuda's turquoise sea and pink sands.

  • Above Church Bay

    Panoramic vista along Bermuda's south shore reveals the colourful splendor of Church Bay below.

  • The Sagres

    The Sagres with sailors on deck as viewed from Point Shares in Bermuda. Measuring nearly 300' in length with a main mast rising nearly 150', the training ship was originally built by Germany in 1937. After changing through the hands of the United States and Brazil, The Sagres has been in continual use by the Portuguese Navy since 1961.

  • Sagres Ropes II

    A group of meticulously coiled ropes aboard the Portuguese Navy training ship, The Sagres.

  • Sagres Ropes I

    Ropes and water pails aboard the Portuguese Navy training ship, The Sagres.

  • Sagres Foremast

    While docked in Bermuda, an intricate web of ropes extends down the 150' foremast of this Portuguese Navy training ship, The Sagres.

  • Glacial Canyon Myriad

    Immeasurable shades and layers of blue in this weathered canyon of ice, though just a tiny vignette of the Sólheimajökull glacier in South Iceland.

  • Ocean Tumbled

    Scattered over Iceland's Reynisfjara are smooth black stones created by the relentless tumbling by waves of the North Atlantic Ocean.

  • Land of Ice

    Surreal landscape made of solid ice, otherwise known as South Iceland's epic Sólheimajökull glacier.

  • Dyrhólaey Drama

    The afternoon sun drops behind the Dyrhólaey Lighthouse to create a dramatic sight in South Iceland.

  • Birds of Early Light

    Sea birds dot the early morning sky over the volcanic black sands of Reynisfjara and the legendary Reynisdrangar trolls in Iceland.

  • Clouds Over Mojave

    Low lying clouds drift through mountain peaks and float over the Joshua tree dotted Mojave Desert just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Peeking Through

    A snowy peak reveals itself through a thick veil of clouds during a seaplane flight through the Southern Pacific Ranges of British Columbia's Coast Mountains.

  • From The Treetops

    Treetop perspective of a temperate rainforest in British Columbia, Canada

  • Wild Rovers

    Free range sheep grazing amongst the majestic scenery of Doo Lough Valley in County Mayo, Ireland. Sheep farmers use various colours and patterns of dye to designate ownership. © Benjamin Padgett,

  • Rocky Mountain Storm

    "Rocky Mountain Storm" ~ Ominous storm clouds drift over the majestic Rocky Mountain National Park

  • Castle Rock

    Looking up to the southeastern portion of Edinburgh Castle atop Castle Rock, including The Great Hall and Half-Moon Battery. The Scottish Crown Jewels and the Stone of Destiny are kept in the tower of the Royal Palace that's topped by the Union Jack flag. © Benjamin Padgett,

  • Glencoe Grandeur

    Hidden lakes below the misty peak of Stob Coire nan Lochan empty to form a ribbon of whitewater between Geàrr Aonach (Short Ridge) and Aonach Dubh (Black Ridge). The stream drops into the River Coe before entering Loch Achtriochtan (Three Sisters Lake), a wee bit of which appears in the distance. A pathway winds through this wondrous landscape of Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands. © Benjamin Padgett,

  • Angel's View of St. Giles Cathedral

    An angel sculpture stands watch at the magnificent St. Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in the 12th century, much of the cathedral's interior dates back to the late 1300s. © Benjamin Padgett,


PhotoRaconteur: one who shares stories through the visual composition of photographs, each worth a unique set of one thousand words.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Las Vegas-based photographer Benjamin Padgett captures classic & modern architecture, majestic landscapes and beautiful cityscapes, along with other inspiring visuals found from Hawaii to Ireland and beyond.
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